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TU (DV2074) 12 - 1 pm & TH (IB345) 10-11 am

Turorial Workshops

TH 1 - 2 pm, CC1140. Please come prepared with questions and a willingness to discuss!

Required textbook:

Molecular Biology of the Gene, 7th Edition, J.D. Watson, T. A. Baker, S. P. Bell, A. Gann, M. Levine, R. Losick, and S. C. Harrison.  Pearson Education, Inc.  Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2014

Additional textbooks potentially of use (not necessary to purchase these):

An Introduction to Genetic Analysis, Griffiths et al., W.H. Freeman
Essential Cell Biology, Alberts et al., Garland
Microbiology, Prescott et al., McGraw Hill

Course work and grading:

1st Mid term examination    Weight 25%   10 - 11 am, Thursday, February 4

2nd Mid term examination    Weight 25%   10 - 11 am, Thursday, March 17

Final examination           Weight 50%   Time set by Registrar's Office

Examination re-grades:

Requests for re-evaluation of course work must be made in writing to the instructor no later than one month following the return of the work. Re-evaluation may result in a grade increase, decrease, or no change.

Policy for missed term tests due to illness:

You must register on ROSI and provide an original note from a doctor dated within 24 hours of the missed term test.

Academic conduct:

Read and abide by the following section of the UTM Calendar

Lecture Topics: Check this page regularly for additional links to readings and lecture figures/ tables added throughout the term.

1. Introduction and methodology.  Textbook: Consult Chapters 1 -6 as background throughout the course.  Read Chapter 7 for Topic 1.  Read article by E. M. Southern.

2. Nucleic acids, genes, and genomes. Chapter 8.  Read article by Galagan et al.

3. DNA replication (Part 1 and Part 2). Chapter 9.  Read artcle by Gilbert.

Example mid term exam (2013)

4. DNA damage and repair. Chapter 10.

Mid Term Exam 1

5. Recombination. Chapter 11.  New contribution on benefits of genetic exchange and recomnination.  See commentary by Goddard on new article by McDonald et al. (Nature doi:10.1038/nature17143). 

6. Transcription and its regulation (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.) Chapters 13, 18, 19. Two papers on genome-wide regulation of transciption patterns:  DeRisi et al. and Chu et al.

Mid-term Exam 2

Special lecture by Dr. Steven Chatfield on Tuesday, March 22: "Aptamers in Biology" (no Power Point figures. It is sufficient to rely on notes.)

7. RNA regulation. (no Power Point figures.  It is sufficient to rely on notes and reading.) Chapter 20.

8. Systems Biology. (no Power Point figures.  It is sufficient rely on notes and reading.) Chapter 22. Read articles by: Giaever et al., Tong et al. and Castanzo et al.