Mozilla and Firefox Searchplugins:

 PubMed Search Plugin: Search PubMed for papers (this uses the frames versions of the search page, and probably doesn't work correctly in the mozilla or netscape-7 side bar, but it's fine for firefox quick searches.)

 PubMed Search Plugin: Search PubMed for papers (this one uses the text search page, better for the mozilla/netscape-7 sidebar.)

 UofT e-journal Search Plugin: Find a journal at U of Toronto

 Teoma Web Search Plugin: In case you get tired of google

 Search For those of us too lazy to compile

 Search Canada411: Find people in Canada (lastname only, first 500)

 Search Canada411 Commercial: Find companies in Canada

 Find stuff on ebay (USA): Get that fish-shaped toothbrush you've always wanted!

 Search (USA): Find that book about fish-shaped toothbrushes you've always wanted!

 Search USPTO patents: Search for patents on fish-shaped toothbrushes!

To uninstall these, just delete the "plugin-name.src" and "plugin-name.gif"
files from the /MozillaFirefox/searchplugins/ directory.

These should mostly work for mozilla and netscape 7.x sidebar searches as well.
Comments and plugin requests are welcome.