NEW! Searchplugins for internet explorer 7 available here.

Here are some Mozilla Firefox searchplugins.
These plugins also mostly work in the Mozilla and Netscape 7 sidebars.

Simply click on a link to install the searchplugin:
Alternatively, here are the files, zipped for your pleasure.

(note, you need installation rights for the searchplugins directory on your machine...
just try clicking, if it doesn't work, this may be the problem)

 PubMed Search Plugin: Search PubMed for papers (this uses the frames versions of the search page, and doesn't work correctly in the mozilla or netscape-7 sidebar, but it's fine for firefox quick searches.)

 PubMed Search Plugin: Search PubMed for papers (this one uses the text search page, good for the mozilla/netscape-7 sidebar.)

 UofT e-journal Search Plugin: Find a journal at U of Toronto

 Teoma Web Search Plugin: In case you get tired of google

 Search For those of us too lazy to compile

 Search Canada411: Find people in Canada (lastname only,first 299)

 Search Canada411 Commercial: Find companies in Canada

 Find stuff on ebay (USA): Get that fish-shaped toothbrush you've always wanted!

 Search (USA): Find that book about fish-shaped toothbrushes you've always wanted!

 Search USPTO patents: Search for patents on fish-shaped toothbrushes!

To uninstall these, just delete the "plugin-name.src" and "plugin-name.gif"
files from the /MozillaFirefox/searchplugins/ directory.

These should mostly work for mozilla and Netscape 7.x sidebar searches as well.
Comments and plugin requests are welcome.


Additional plugins available at: