Make-up Test Rules

The following rules of conduct apply to make-up tests to help facilitate a calm, orderly and secure test environment:

  1. No person will be allowed in the make-up test room during a make-up except the students concerned and those supervising the make-up test.
  2. Students must appear outside the make-up test room at least fifteen minutes before the posted start time of their make-up test.
  3. With the exception of water in reusable water bottles, students are not permitted food or drink in the make-up test room.
  4. Students are required to bring two pieces of photo ID to each exam. One MUST be a valid U of T student ID card (TCard) and the other must be government-issued ID (eg: driver's licence, passport).
  5. Bags, coats, purses, books that you bring with you into the make-up test room must be left at the front of the room. 
  6. All electronic devices with storage, including but not limited to, cell phones, SMART devices, tablets, laptops, calculators, and MP3 players must be turned off, sealed in the clear, plastic bags provided and placed under the desk for the duration of the make-up test.  The student must not touch or open the bags during the make-up test.
  7. Student seating may be assigned in the make-up test room.
  8. Students cannot communicate with one another, in any manner whatsoever, in the make-up test room.
  9. Students may not leave the make-up test room unescorted for any reason, and this includes using the washroom.
  10. No unauthorized aids shall be brought into the room or used during the make-up test. Any books, notes or other learning materials must be sealed in your bag.
  11. Students who bring any unauthorized material into a make-up test room, or who assist or obtain assistance from other students or from any unauthorized source, are liable to penalties/sanctions as listed in the university's Code of Behaviour on Academic Matters, including the loss of academic credit, suspension or expulsion.
  12. Students must stop writing when the time period allotted for their make-up test ends. Failure to do so will mean a report will be submitted to the instructor and the Sociology Chair and a penalty may be imposed.
  13. Students may not remove test material from the make-up test room.
  14. Leave items that you will not need for the make-up test in your locker, at home, or with someone on campus you know and trust. The University is not responsible for any personal property that you bring into the make-up test room.
  15. Rude or abusive behaviour will not be tolerated.