Special Consideration Process for Missed Tests/Quizzes

It is your responsibility to follow the appropriate procedures and submit requests for special consideration and appropriate supporting documentation on time; failure to do so will result in your request being denied. If you have any questions, please email soctests.utm@utoronto.ca from your U of T email account and include your full name and student number. 

Missed Tests

If you miss a test/quiz in your sociology course due to circumstances beyond your control (such as a personal illness or accident), you can ask the Department of Sociology to grant you special consideration. To do so, please observe the information below. 

Reasons such as “too much work”, technology failure, attending a wedding, family vacations, or not adding the class in time are not considered to be beyond a student’s control and will not be accommodated.

Online Special Consideration Request

You must present your case to the department (not the instructor) by completing an Online Special Consideration Request via https://app.utm.utoronto.ca/SpecialRequest

Declaration of Absence

You need to declare your absence from a class, for any reason, through your ACORN account in order to receive academic accommodation.  

Supporting Documentation

You must provide medical or other documentation in support of your Special Consideration Request via email to soctests.utm@utoronto.ca or the department drop-box for medical documentation (located to the right of Room 3219, Davis Building). All documentation must be in its original form. If you submit your documentation electronically (as a PDF or JPEG attachment), please ensure it is legible and retain the original copy in case you are asked to show it at the make-up test. 

Medical Documentation

  • If illness is cited as the reason for your request, it must be accompanied by an original U of T Verification of Student Illness or Injury form, which indicates you were examined and diagnosed within one day of the test/quiz date and unable to write the test/quiz for medical reasons. A statement from a physician that merely confirms a report of illness and/or disability made by the student is not acceptable.
  • If you are a student registered with AccessAbility, a U of T Verification of Student Illness or Injury form is required only if you miss test/quiz date for a reason not connected to your registered disability, otherwise the required documentation may be supplied by AccessAbility Services at UTM. 

Other Documentation

False statements and/or documentation will be treated as academic offences and dealt with accordingly.


You have 72 hours from the date of the missed test to submit your request and appropriate supporting documentation or your request will be denied.

Late requests will not be considered without a letter of explanation as to why the request is late. Late requests are considered at department's discretion and only in truly exceptional circumstances.


A departmental committee evaluates your request and you will receive notification of the decision via email to your utoronto email account.

It is your responsibility to ensure your utoronto email account is working and able to receive emails. Claims that a departmental decision was not received will NOT be considered as a reason for further consideration. If you do NOT receive notification of our decision within seven business days of your submission, please email soctests.utm@utoronto.ca.

Make-up Tests

If your request is approved* and a make-up test is required, you will write the make-up test on the following days:

  • For Spring 2018 missed tests up to and including 9 March:
    • Wednesday 14 March starting at 5:30pm (for a first missed test only)
    • Thursday 15 March starting at 5:30pm (for a second missed test only)
  • For Spring 2018 missed tests from 11 March up to and including 30 March - Thursday 5 April starting at 9:30am

*If you have not received an email from the department confirming that you are approved to write a make-up test by the make-up test day, then you are not approved to write a make-up on that day.

If the make-up test you are approved to write conflicts with a regularly scheduled academic commitment, you must email soctests.utm@utoronto.ca within 72 hours of your approval notification with supporting documentation in order to request accommodation, or your request will be denied. 

You are not automatically entitled to a second make-up test if you miss the first one.

In the extraordinary and unlikely event you miss both the in-class test and the department’s final make-up test scheduled for that semester, for a reason beyond your control, you will have to petition the Office of the Registrar for an extension of time to complete term work. If the petition is granted, you will write on the next scheduled department make-up date.

What do I do if I miss a final exam in my sociology course?

You must petition the Office of the Registrar if you miss a final exam: http://www.utm.utoronto.ca/registrar/current-students/petitions. You are also advised to make yourself aware of University regulations concerning final exams.