Our Programs

Program Reference Guide


Chemical & Physical Sciences

  • Includes: Astronomy, Astronomical Sciences; Biological Chemistry; Biomedical Physics; Chemistry; Earth Science; Geology; Physics

Commerce & Management

  • Includes: Accounting; Commerce; Finance; Human Resources; Management; Marketing 

Communication, Culture, Information and Technology

  • Includes: CCIT Major, Digital Enterprise Management, Interactive Digital Media, Professional Writing & Communications

Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics

  • Includes: Applied Statistics; Bioinformatics; Computer Science; Geocomputational Science; Information Security; Mathematical Sciences


  • Includes: Financial Economics; International Affairs


  • Includes: Canadian Studies

Environmental Management, Environmental Sciences

Forensic Science

  • Includes: Forensic Anthropology, Forensic Biology, Forensic Chemistry, Forensic Psychology


  • Includes: Geographic Information Systems; Geocomputational Science

Historical Studies

  • Includes: Classical Civilization; Diaspora and Transnational Studies; History; History of Religions; Latin American and Caribbean Studies; South Asian Civilizations; Women and Gender Studies

Language Studies

  • Includes: Education Studies, French Studies, Italian Studies, Linguistics, Language Teaching and Learning

Life Sciences

  • Includes: Biology; Biology for Health Sciences; Biotechnology; Comparative Physiology; Ecology & Evolution; Molecular Biology; Paleontology

Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Logic

Political Science; Sociology; Criminology, Law and Society

Professional Writing & Communication


  • Includes: Behaviour, Genetics & Neurobiology; Exceptionality in Human Learning

Theatre, Drama and Performance Studies

Visual Studies

  • Includes Art & Art History; Art History, Cinema Studies; Visual Culture & Communication