Payments, Terms, Bursaries and More

Picture of student in Guatemala, Thailand and Peru.

Why Participate?

  • Use your study break to take a different approach to travel and embark on a unique experience learning about a specific theme; 
  • Connect with a professor, a staff member and your fellow travelers in ways that cannot be achieved in the classroom; 
  • Add international travel and learning experience to your resume;
  • Take your learning to a different level!

The Courses

  • Each opportunity can accommodate a group of between 8 to 18 students;
  • Every experience is led by the faculty teaching the relevant course and supported by a staff member;
  • The international component is developed around the course content and helps students expand and apply their learning beyond the classroom;
  • Locations are selected based on relevance to the course material achieving specific learning objectives that could not be achieved locally;
  • During the trip you will use local modes of transportation, eat local food and sleep in shared gender accommodations including hotels, hostels and homestays (where applicable).


  • Attend two UTM Abroad sessions prior to departure where you will meet the other students participating in the program, the UTM faculty and staff traveling with you and our partners from Operations Groundswell (where applicable)! Plus, you will learn more about the country you will travel to, the theme tied to the experience and what you will need to do to get ready for the trip (what to expect, what to pack, how to get your questions answered, etc.);
  • Participate in one experiential day prior to departure where you will connect with the local community to learn more about the theme of your experience;
  • Attend a U of T Safety Abroad Workshop. Workshops will be held at UTM to facilitate access for students; 
  • Register with U of T Safety Abroad Database AFTER you have attended the UofT Safety Abroad workshop;
  • Represent your community in a desirable manner prior to, during, and after the UTM Abroad Academic Experience;
  • For more details please review the UTM Abroad Terms of Participation.


  • Students must be in good academic standing (minimum 1.5 CGPA) to participate in any of the experiences;
  • The Co-Curricular Experiences are open to all UTM students in good academic standing regardless of program or year of study;
  • For UTM Abroad courses, students must be enrolled in the corresponding course to participate in the international component.


  • The estimated costs include flights, accommodation, local transportation, in-country activities;
  • Payments will be made over five installments according to the timeline outlined on the Payment Schedule;
  • Fees must be paid in full by the required deadlines;
  • The cost of these trips is posted pending approval based on the University's Policy on Ancillary Fees. Updates will be posted as needed. 

Operations Groundswell

Operations Groundswell (OG) is a non-profit organization that offers travel, community services and educational experiences around the world. They help us build the UTM Abroad Co-Curricular Experiences and lead the programs on the ground.

Their programs are intentionally designed to uncover the intricacies and on-the-ground realities of each region to which they travel. With ethical travel at the crux of their philosophy, they always work in partnership with local non-profits and charities on community-requested projects in order to ensure true, ethical engagement.