Late Assignments & Extensions / Missed Tests & Quizzes

Online Special Consideration Request (SCR) Form

In the past, students completed a hard copy of a “Special Consideration Request (SCR) form” and would bring it into the office. This process is now completed online.  This online system is only supported by Firefox and Microsoft Explorer browsers and you will not be able to complete a request using your phone. Please read this document in its entirety before proceeding. If you have questions email:

Special Consideration Request (SCR)

In the Institute of Communication, Culture, Information and Technology you can request a SCR if you miss a test/quiz or need an extension in your CCT or MGD course(s) due to circumstances beyond your control (Accident, Illness, and Death in the family).  Preplanned vacations are not circumstances for a SCR.  A request must be completed for each piece of work.

Students have three days or 72 Hours (including weekends) from the date of the missed test/quiz to complete the Special Consideration Request (SCR) process in full.
It is the student’s responsibility to follow the appropriate procedures for requesting, submitting and providing the original documentation for consideration within the given timelines.  Failure to follow procedures and to provide accurate and complete information will result in a denied request.  Late submissions will NOT be considered without a letter of explanation specifying and documenting the reasons for the lateness.

Time management, late course enrolment, course loads and course conflicts and scheduled medical appointments are not acceptable reasons for missing test/quizzes nor are they reasons for not meeting assignment deadlines.

Upon completion of a request – expect a decision within 48 hours.  This process may be delayed during peak times.   Students are responsible for following up with if they have not received a timely decision.

Missed Tests / Extensions

Please review your course syllabus, as not all of our courses offer opportunities for make-up tests. 

AccessAbility Resource Centre? 
Students with documented disabilities are encouraged to register with AccessAbility at both UTM and Sheridan College if your require accommodations.

Please note, that any requests relating to your disability must be supported by your AccessAbility Advisor and meet the documentation timelines both at ICCIT and ARC

How to Contact AccessAbility Services both at UTM and Sheridan

UTM AccessAbility / (905) 569-4699
Sheridan (Trafalgar) Accessibility  / (905) 845-9430 Ext 2775.


Course Syllabi clearly outline your academic obligations.  As such, you are expected to start work on assignments and prepare for tests well in advance.  Balance and prioritize your time and responsibilities to successfully meet academic obligations and timelines.   If you are unable to submit assignments because of circumstances outside of your control submit your request at least one week prior to the assignment due date.  Students are to continue work on assignments while the request is being reviewed for a decision.  All requests must be supported by documentation.

If a serious illness prevents you from submitting your work on time – supporting  medical documentation along with a SCR must be submitted within 72 hours and no later than 4:00 PM from the assignment due date.

Absence Declaration

If you are missing class for any reason, declare your absence from class on ACORN account.  

Supporting Documentation

A) Appropriate Documentation includes the following original documents:

Medical Documentation

Do not submit your Verification of Student Illness form (medical) to your Instructor or Teaching Assistant (TA).  The originals are to be deposited into the drop box where they will be secured and the information kept confidential.

Expect a reply to your complete submission within 48 Hours.  During peak times decisions may be delayed.  If you have not had a decision within a week follow up by emailing

Minor everyday medical issues like a headache are not sufficient grounds for a SCR.  If you declare an illness as the reason for the SCR a Verification of Student Illness form must be completed. No other type of medical note will be accepted.   The medical form must confirm that you were examined and diagnosed within 48 hours of your test or assignment submission date. A simple statement reporting an illness will not be accepted.

B) Submit Documentation

The ICCIT provides a secure locked drop box for submission of official and confidential documents that support the SCR. Students will find the drop box located outside CC 3013.  Documentation will be collected at 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM daily.  


Submit your SCR: