Welcome to the Department of English and Drama. We offer three Image indicates that adjacent link to the right opens a new window English programs that are the same as those on the St. George campus and three Image indicates that adjacent link to the right opens a new window Drama programs unique to U of T Mississauga. Faculty expertise includes all literary forms; their historical, social and material contexts; literary and performance theory; theatre history; and creative writing. English and Drama is also the home of Image indicates that adjacent link to the right opens a new window Canadian Studies at UTM.

Choose a major in our department and you’ll be taught by internationally renowned critics, creative writers, theatre specialists, and scholars. Our degrees help you to develop exceptional skills as a writer, performer, researcher, critical thinker and communicator - opening up a wide range of careers. Many English and Drama graduates end up as lawyers, professional writers, actors, and teachers, but they also become fashion entrepreneurs, investment advisors, lab technicians, and even... Prime Minister (Justin Trudeau? He’s a BA in Literature). Our students are especially well-positioned for admission to advanced degrees in the Humanities, Law, Medicine, and Business, and by combining a major in a Science or Social Science with one in English or Drama you’ll give yourself an edge in any field.

"CUBAN: Don't go to school for finance -- liberal arts is the future." Business Insider.

"STEM is great, but here's why an English degree might be a smarter bet." TechRepublic.

"College or university? For many, the answer is both." Toronto Star.
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Recent Successes!

Congratulations to Mehak Kawatra winner of UTM's Founder's Medal, for top graduating student - all disciplines - this year. Mehak, we are so, so, so proud of you. It couldn't be more deserved. Click here for an interview with Mehak as she reflects on her time at UTM and in the Department of English & Drama.

Congratulations to Maria Popa, E&D graduate, for winning the E.A. Robinson Medal for the best student in the humanities at UTM. What an amazing achievement Maria, congratulations! We are all extremely proud.

Congratulations to Gabriela Caballero for being selected as The R.W. Van Fossen Award in English recipient for 2016-17.

Congratulations to Professor Terry Robinson for winning the Annibel Jenkins Prize for the Best Article in Performance and Theatre Studies and the Percy G. Adams Prize for the Best Article on an Eighteenth-Century Subject for her article "Becoming Somebody: Refashioning the Body Politic in Mary Robinson's Nobody."
Congratulations to Mehak Kawatra for being selected as a 2017 Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award winner! Mehak has demonstrated great leadership potential and a commitment to making the U of T community a great place.