Postdoctoral Position

Job description

The Gunning group at the University of Toronto Mississauga is recruiting 2-3 full time postdoctoral fellows in organic/medicinal chemistry. The candidates will participate in research projects focusing on the development of novel small-molecule therapeutics, probes and chemosensors.

Desired skills and experience

The candidates should have recently completed their PhD degrees in organic/medicinal chemistry or a related discipline. A successful candidate will be highly motivated, goal oriented and a self-driven individual who is ready to work independently as well as in a team environment.


A strong background in organic synthesis
Strong record of scientific accomplishments
Strong skills in written and oral communication


Experience in fluorophore synthesis
Metal-coordination chemistry
Knowledge of medicinal chemistry and/or molecular recognition principles
Experience with computational docking software

About the employer

The Gunning group is one of the leaders in molecular recognition and medicinal chemistry fields with a strong record of academic publications and patents. The two main focuses are the design of small-molecule agents to modulate disease-causing protein-protein interactions, and development of chemosensors and assays for the detection of aberrant post-translational modifications. The laboratory has an extensive network of academic, industrial and governmental collaborators and partners worldwide. Our group offers a highly dynamic and innovative research environment with pharma-quality services and instruments.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Applicants are asked to submit a CV and a cover letter.

For inquiries and to submit your application package, contact Diana Kraskouskaya (