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Career Learning Network (CLN) 

Career Learning NetworkThe Career Learning Network is an online portal that gives U of T students access to Career Centre services across all three U of T Career Centres. Students have access to hundreds of postings that include part-time, volutneer, casual, summer, and work-study opportunities both on- and off-campus.  

To access the full-time job board, students must attend a Now That I'm Graduating, What's Next? (NTIGWN) orientation session. Start exporing CLN here.

UTM Career Centre Blog  - This week: Get your EXTERN on this summer!


The UTM Career Centre created a blog to share our personal reflections, perspectives and pro-tips on what's going on in the world, and at U of T. We'll be posting minimally once per week, discussing thematical topics and passing along spur of the moment reflections, interesting career articles, and much more! Visit our blog here.


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